Monday, December 24, 2012


And today, on the 25th of december, it's another birthday for my sister. May Allah bless you :)

rainbow cake. fat chance. LOL

Fast forward a few years, we're getting older. It was a nice rainy evening, spending quality time with the family.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

my childhood memory

                                                    Salam people !

I spent my childhood with soooo many memories. oh trust me.
And almost everything will reminds me to my mom.

                                                  Bila nak masuk tidur
                                               I remember what she said :
                    sebelum masuk tidur, acik baca doa dulu then amik wudhu'

                                                  Bila aq lepas mandi
                                               I remember what she said :
                                            meh kt umi, umi tlg sikat rambut

                                                      Bila aq demam
                                              I remember what she said :
                              acik makan ubat tu dulu, lepas ni kita pergi klinik

                                              Bila aq nampak kedai mainan
                                    I still remember vividly what i'm gonna say :
                                                       umi, nak barbie !!!

and yes, i adore barbie soo much. Thun ni, kakak aq beli barbie untuk bufde :3 what iz dis. and umi like : pot pet pot pet

                                            while my mom is in front of me, i say :
can-you-see-my-chill-style-doll? lols.. * barbie pink tulisan pn of course pink jgk..ekeke
                        hey ! i'm gonna give this to my little cousin soon. believe me :3
                 *bg pn sbb umi pksa..wuwu..form 5 next year main barbie lg?ayatt umi -,-

                                                you know when a mother can be :
                                                          your motivator
                                                           your teacher
                                                         your best friend 
                                                           your sister

                                                  but why must a mother ?
                                    because she is the one who gives birth to you :)

                                                  oh ya, i'm cute since i was born :P


                              my life may not awesome as kate and william,
                             maybe not interesting as Adam and Eve's story
                                                       but for me,
                                             my memories are priceless :)


*mood PINK . kena caps lock sbb pink itu comel :)

Monday, December 10, 2012


                                           why i look like a giant? whyyyyyyy !!

                                          kakak gangster , adik ustazah . malu plk den..

Pasar kat vietnam sgt femes. Tempat ni memang tourist attraction btw. Banyak aq jumpa org M'sia kat sini. harga baju kat sini murah sgt ! RM 55 for each ! murah kan? kalau kat m'sia bley dpt dlm RM 100 ke atas selepas tawar harga bley la 48. kalau perempuan beli memang x ingat dunia seh. kami mengamalkan sistem 'shop till you drop' phew...berat brg bwk msuk dlm cargo

                macam kiut benda ni..smpai terseliuh kaki aq berkejar dpt benda ni -____-


p/s : a picture is worth a thousands words. no need to describe.