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In the name of Allah most gracious,most merciful.Saya kini akan menghadapi tahun penting sebagai pelajar form 4.pelajaran perlu diutamakan maka blog kurang la cket update.semoga nilainya baik di sisi Allah.ameen..

a hypersixteen girl who studying magic at hogwarts highschool.Team up with harry,hermione,ron in Gryffindor.Shout my name as izzah.I'm a girl who born on 26 of october 1996.I bet your math is not that poor in math to guess how old am i. <3 <3 ..i'm not a complicated girl but complicated enough for you to know me  more.

 Friendship's Rules : 1. HONESTY | Don't lie. 2. RESPECT | Treat people the way they should be treated. 3. FAIRNESS | Don't take advantage. 4. FORGIVENESS | Forgive their mistakes. Give them second chances. People makes mistakes too:)

first education at sekolah rendah islam aman.then,go to the maahad tahfiz sains tanah merah for 2 years then sambung form3 kat maahad muhammadi perempuan n now studying at jordan university science n technology . okey .yg 2 tipu .