Thursday, March 8, 2012

i hate that

1. i hate smokers. bler aq jumpa smokers tepi jalan, sambil senyum2 i will uttering (oh,u r smokers? hee,,great..have fun dying with cancer dear!) <-----cakap dlm hati jela,kalau cakap face to face kena pelempang pulak kang..ngee .

2. i hate when  my school cares more about my uniform than my education.*totally true! (ustazah said,awak ni budak mts ke ape tudung singkat ni?ni tudung ni kena sampai bawah lengan sejengkal bla bla bla) but when i didnt finish my homework (takpelah,hantar lain kali je) ~,~

3. I hate that moment when I find a hair in my food. 

4. I hate it when I accidentally destroy my paper while erasing in exam. (dah la time Pmr,,wahh..duk depan pulak tu..annoying betul) 

5. i hate when everyone's in a relationship and I'm just sitting here like "...I love my pet."(hahaha..takdela,over je aq ni..i didnt need anybody else to make me happy.i'm happy with myself) 

my list today..haha
☑blogging ☑eating ☑playing ☑sleeping ☐studying.

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