Saturday, January 21, 2012

young forever

okey.sumpah tajuk tak der kaitan.tuptup , masa berlalu dengan pantas sangat . dah pon bulan 1 . minggu depan msuk bulan 2 . hahaa :) and , yeah 2011 is not so bad . ada yang baik , ada yang buruk . ada benda yang kita tanak , berlaku juga . that's life , right ? mana ada yang sempurna

sometimes , i want to believe that 'something' will last forever . but , it's too hard . nothing lasts forever . is it true ? people die , people change . when you trust someone and they stab you on the back , you will feel hopeless . when someone give you hope and they take it back , you will feel lost . the trust that they give to you , they take it from you and make you feel heartless .

and then , when another person came and tried to gain your trust , you just standing there , trying to believe whats true and whats false . but , the truth is . you can't trust anymore . no matter how hard you try , how long it takes , how much you want , you just can't . once a trust is broken , it will always be broken . and that's what i feel right now.

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