Saturday, February 4, 2012

cuti lagi

yeay !yeay !hari ni cuti lagi ! I shouldnt do another post but I'm too lazy to do my homework yet hahaha is that reason even valid? Guess not.I already ate just now and now I'm having a stomach ache. Oh my swift, what's wrong with you tummy... Oh well I guess I'm going to eat again after this. No problem. ( tadi pergi Kb Mall) Sekarang kabinet makanan is full of goodies!!! :)

                                                                    FEMES la akak ni sorang lepas ni

dear new money,i want you in my pocket so i can buy cadbury manyak manyak ma !

p/s :I have to go to tuition now, I may not have started to think about which stream to take SPM next year. 

thank you for reading this entry !

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